News: A Christmas Wish to Dorset Council: A more secure future for our children

Local supporters of Extinction Rebellion delivering their message to Dorset Council

Local supporters of Extinction Rebellion were accompanied by Dorchester Councillor and Town Crier Alistair Chisholm when they presented Dorset Council with a Christmas message on Tuesday. The message was delivered by XR on behalf of the recent People’s Assemblies on climate action. These were a series of public events for people of all ages across Dorset to discuss the climate & ecological emergency, and Dorset Council’s strategy as part of the Council’s public consultation. 

Julie-Ann Booker from XR said “This seasonal greeting recognises the Council’s efforts in working towards an action plan to reduce the county’s carbon emissions, prevent wildlife loss and generally improve the health and wellbeing of us all. However, the message reminds the Council there are bold decisions to be made that will make or break Dorset’s ability to become a zero carbon, environmentally-friendly county in the necessary timescale.”

Campaigner and Santa’s helper, Caz Dennett said “We are grateful for the Council’s willingness to work with local campaign groups to tackle the climate issues. Many Councillors in Dorset attended the People’s Assemblies and voiced the need for urgent action. We cannot realistically become a zero carbon wildlife-friendly Dorset, if the Council grants planning permission for new fossil fuel drilling in Puddletown, burning rubbish on Portland or building 4,000 houses on environmentally sensitive land in north Dorchester. Please resist the pressure to grant these developments, we know that might not be easy, but it is absolutely necessary”

The Christmas message in the card and spoken aloud by Cllr Chisholm at the Town Pump in Dorchester said: 

A Christmas wish to Dorset Council from the People’s Assemblies on climate action

We seek the gift 

Of a better future, where nature thrives 

and children’s lives are more secure

Reject the plans to burn waste, drill oil 

or build where nature is displaced

Think global, act local 

Feel the passion, let’s make it happen!

*** Merry Christmas ***

Hazelbury Bryan Parish Councillor and Santa Claus Ken Huggins, who helped facilitate the People’s Assemblies said, “The most positive thing to come out of the assemblies was the passion and drive of local people. Clearly many are worried, frightened and feel desperate about the future if we don’t address the very real climate crisis, but they are keen to take positive steps in their community. The Councils across Dorset need to embrace that energy, and support people to put those good ideas and solutions in place, starting in 2021.” 

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