2023 Festival Focus & Format

We’ve listened and evolved based on the insights from our 2022 Impact Report and really look forward to seeing you in Sept!

Festival Focus

The Festival is a bumper celebration of Purbeck’s outstanding natural world & its remarkable people, with each event playing its part in Purbeck's nature recovery. 

It's all about creating events that engage the community to discover, value & embrace nature - simple!


  • Fri 15th - Sun 24th Sept
  • Loads of locations across Purbeck
  • Free entry (to nearly all events)
  • Everyone’s welcome; fun-filled events & entertainment for all ages
  • Think wildlife workshops & forest schools, wild art & walks, Bollywood on the beach,  talks & films, foraging & feasting, live music & street food plus welly-wanging etc. etc. 

We strive to keep things short & sweet, but hey, this next 2min read is absolutely vital & trust us, it's too good to shrink any further! 

So what exactly are we celebrating? 

Purbeck is pioneering nature recovery on an epic scale for wildlife and you, the people of Purbeck - And that, dear friends, is a pretty big deal! 

We’re buzzing about the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. We’re chuffed-to-bits that Planet Purbeck is in the mix, helping connect the community with what’s going on around us - more on that in a mo 🙂 

That’s right, Purbeck really is a pioneer!

Did you see any of Springwatch recently? 

Loads of conservation organisations, groups and individuals have been promoting nationally groundbreaking nature recovery projects such as the Purbeck Heaths, the UK’s first ever Super National Nature Reserve. But wait… there’s more to come, a lot more! 

Nature in Purbeck is about to get TURBO-CHARGED: 

  • Moors at Arne - Huge new diverse wetland habitat
  • South Purbeck National Nature Reserve - From Durlston to Worth Matravers & beyond…
  • Wareham Arc - Gigantic collaborative nature recovery project of national significance

To paint a quick picture of what those projects (& others) could mean for us:

  • A wilder look & feel to large areas of Purbeck - a greater abundance of wildlife 
  • Think Beavers beavering, the 8ft wingspan of the White-Tailed Eagles soaring over head & maybe one day experiencing the power of rutting Bison!
  • Our celebrity Osprey’s (incredible webcam) raising the first chicks in Purbeck for 200+ years!
  • Flourishing Seagrass meadows helping nurture marine life around our shores… yes, that means more Seahorses!
  • All of the above project & progress leading to far greater access & opportunities within nature for the whole community  
  • Engaging you, our local community, to encourage faster delivery of the positive benefits these projects have on our everyday lives; the economic & health benefits
  • Everyone feeling pride in being part of positive & pioneering changes

However, we sense that there is a disconnection with the community. So Planet Purbeck is striving to better inform those in the nature conservation sector about our community, so they value and embrace us - including us in all their plans. Simultaneously, we aim to catalyse those in our community to discover, value and embrace nature! That’s our two-pronged approach for the benefit of people and nature…

We're not imposing a vision upon you; we’ll be learning alongside you…


  • Finding out how our community can positively shape these projects? 
  • Helping define what ‘community benefits' Purbeck would like?
  • Boosting your sense of pride and place?

Good - Your voice matters! 

This is all about inclusion and collaboration - your voice is essential

Whilst a lot of this important nature recovery work is about the butterflies, lizards, birds etc. it’s also for and about people - us too! Nature recovery for people is about to get real - you heard it here first! 

We can picture the Festival vibes already… Can you? 

Fantastic, because you’re all invited. Come along and help yourself to a great big dollop of the after-glow we dream of; Quality convo’s with your loved ones & witnessing the joy as the kids run wild (a safe ‘laughing & exploring’ kind of wild that is!) while us ‘adults’ savour a few local ciders…

Good times had by all!

BOOK NOW to host an event

Need more info? Email us at planetpurbeckevents@gmail.com 

Some of the organisations we are working with
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