Planet Purbeck is a movement that gathers together individuals, groups and organisations who understand that climate change and biodiversity loss jeopardise everything we hold dear – and want to do something about it.

We recognize that our combined drive, passion, skills and experience can exert more influence than acting alone.

Our coordinated actions aim not just to preserve our natural heritage but to regenerate it. We will campaign for causes that reflect our core values. We will fight to ensure progress in the climate emergency that faces us all. We will battle to improve the environment that surrounds us. And we will build resilience so we may weather the crises that lay ahead and protect future generations.

We’re working hard to build a network of people who can make all this happen.

We host popular open meetings that inspire those who attend to engage with us and to join action groups. Our lobby team is working with Dorset Council and other local authorities to advance their carbon-zero strategies. Our events team is planning a free, family-friendly festival of music, food and stalls that will resonate with the natural world around us. Our legal team maintains our good name and our media team promotes our actions and aims.

New groups are currently being set up in land use and eco-tourism, and we expect many more to be created during 2021.

We stand with anyone who is ready to take action to protect and improve the community, landscape and wildlife here on the wonderful Purbeck peninsula.

Join us to make a positive difference to our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Feel the empowerment of working together to make a difference. And enjoy having fun while doing it.

Everyone is welcome, whether you can offer skills and experience – or just want to be part of our mission.


Download our Mission & Vision leaflet

Meet The Team Co-ordinators

Some of the organisations we are working with
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