Our Structure & Decision Making

Good Governance Principles

Planet Purbeck follows four principles to guide our governance strategy:

1. Effective Board Procedures

By establishing appropriate policies and procedures, an effective board will provide a sound framework for good governance to develop. 

2. Strong Leadership 

Strong leadership is needed to implement good governance and is essential to enable a CIC to work successfully and achieve its goals. 

3. Organisational Strategy

Ensuring a CIC has a reasoned and clearly explained strategic vision will help it to deliver its stated purposes and aims. An effective board will set out a clear organisational strategy, so that everyone is clear where the CIC is going. 

4. Accountability and Transparency 

Accountability and transparency enable a CIC to win and build public trust and confidence. An effective board will take steps to ensure that there is accountability and transparency both internally and externally.

Day to Day Decisions

One of our biggest strengths is that we’re flexible, agile and can make quick decisions. 

To enable this, we have weekly Core Team Catch Ups - covering  ‘live’ operational and strategic tasks and decisions.

These catch ups are a completely open forum - for anyone affiliated with Planet Purbeck - so do pop along with your questions and ideas. We’re a friendly bunch! It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet our whole team.

Catch Ups = Every Thursday 9:30-11:00am on zoom.

Email Rob & Luke, our Co-Leaders planetpurbeck@gmail.com - if you’d like to attend - as a one off, semi-regularly or weekly - we’ll welcome you along as often as you like : )

The role of the directors and coordinators

  • Directors focus on governance e.g. the legalities of running a Community Interest Company 
  • Core Team focus on operations =  ’the doing’
  • Both have an equal say in strategic direction of Planet Purbeck
  • Both have an equal role in ensuring we deliver on our vision, mission and core values
  • Directors advise the Core Team on governance - decisions are made collectively by the Core Team
Some of the organisations we are working with
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