Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

To help create a future in Purbeck that is better for everyone - to live in, work in and to visit. A future with...
More Wildlife and Wild Places
Cleaner Rivers, Sea, Villages and Towns
Less Waste
Less Traffic
Cleaner Air
Sustainable Tourism
Greater Food and Energy Independence
And community belief in working together to make all of these possible!

Our Mission

  1. Grow a network of people of all ages, backgrounds and professions with a shared determination to protect and enhance our beautiful home of Purbeck.
  2. Work with community groups, NGOs,  our local authorities, schools and businesses 
  3. Amplify community efforts of individuals and groups supporting our vision and mission.
  4. Create a mass community movement by focusing on the broadest possible appeal and looking for the best ways to find common ground.

Our Values

  1. Stronger together
    When we face challenges together we know we CAN make a real difference. 
    WE ARE stronger together!
  2. Regenerative
    We look after ourselves and each other - Pacing ourselves and taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. Open
    Planet Purbeck is refreshingly open and welcoming. 
    We’re experimental, we don’t do things because ‘they’ve always been done that way’. 
    We can’t promise to consult everyone about every decision. But we’ll always be transparent   about the decisions we make. 
    We’re reflective and open to change.
  4. Fun!
    We insist on finding the element of fun in everything we do. We want everyone taking part to enjoy themselves - and want to come back again.
  5. Focused
    We appreciate and value the limited time we all have - focusing on what works and will make a real and positive difference
Some of the organisations we are working with
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