Our Strategic Aims 2022

What a year for everyone involved in Planet Purbeck. We learnt so much and made so many new friends.  Recently we’ve been beavering away with surveys, workshops and lots of conversations to agree our 2022 plans and we’re now chuffed to share them with you.

Our plans are based the following:

  • Feedback - From our active members and the organisations we’ve supported
  • Reflection - The best bits and the challenges in 2021
  • Capacity - The skills and time commitments of our active members

It’s now time to focus on activities that are worthwhile, achievable and fun! Let’s do this…
Rob, Dave & Luke - Core Team Coordinators

Strategic Aim 1Connecting with our community

Our Strategies 

  1. Stage a fun and vibrant Planet Purbeck Festival - ‘Run by the community, for the community’
  2. Community outreach - you’ll see us at markets, schools, fetes and local events
  3. Deliver a programme of popular open events - e.g. our Beaver Fever night (150+ attendees)

Strategic Aim 2: Celebrating Purbeck 

Our Strategies

  1. Celebrate through our media all the brilliant local people and projects
  2. Showcase all the awesome people and projects at the Festival

Strategic Aim 3Making a difference locally & beyond

Our Strategies

  1. Support delivery of practical ‘muddy hands and smiling faces’ projects that protect and enhance Purbeck’s environment e.g. cleaner rivers and improved hedgerows 
  2. Responding to local and national consultations and campaigns that will actually affect us e.g. Dorset Local Plan and Environment Bill 
  3. Raising funds for local community groups

Strategic Aim  4Strengthening Our Foundations 

Our Strategies

  1. Greater financial stability through successful fundraising 

Enhancing our governance, structure and communication

Some of the organisations we are working with
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