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Planet Purbeck is circulating a survey to give local people the unique opportunity to tell us what they want from our countryside & coast

Soon, landowners and farmers in England will no longer receive EU money for traditional farming. Instead, the UK government will now only be paying landowners and farmers for land management that provides 'public goods'.

Overall this will mean more thriving nature, clean water, healthy soils, increased public access, local food and the creation of jobs. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to reset the balance in our countryside. For the first time in decades, land management that protects nature and provides opportunities for local people will be rewarded. 

But what about our farmers?
For many farmers this is a time of real worry; changing how your farm runs isn’t easy: if we want a truly healthy countryside, we need to support our farmers as they transition to a more natural way of managing the land. 

The Wild Purbeck Partnership (WPP) exists to help with this transition.  WPP is a partnership of over 30 landowners, farmers and environmental organisations.

WPP’s vision is a wilder countryside, brimming with nature, that's resilient to climate change; but also for local people to feel that this landscape is theirs. Managed well, a wilder countryside and coast can provide better jobs and improve the wellbeing of all who live here. Ultimately, WPP wants to deliver a countryside that benefits nature and people.  

Why is Planet Purbeck conducting this survey?
Put simply, we want local people to have a say in how their coast and countryside will change. We want to hear your hopes, dreams and any fears!

What happens to the results of the survey?
We will share the results of this survey with WPP who have committed to respond to the findings.

Closing date:
The survey officially closes 8th Nov 2023.

Let's create a Purbeck countryside and coast that benefits local people as well as nature!

Check out these short films.... could this be Purbeck's future?!
More wildlife, locally grown food & greater access to nature for all
Some of the organisations we are working with
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