Events: Dam Building Volunteers Needed

As part of the National Trust's Slow the Flow project, Planet Purbeck are offering support by building dams.

Planet Purbeck are looking for a crack team of ‘Planeteers’ aka volunteers! to help ‘Slow the Flow’ on Sunday 6th Feb, 10am - 2pm.

As part of the National Trust's Slow the Flow project, we are organising a group of volunteers to build dams out of willow on two of the streams on East Common in Corfe Castle.

These dams will help to hold back and slow down the flow of water, in order to reduce the risk of flooding downstream. The dams have the added advantage of improving the habitat for rare species such as the Southern Damselfly. 

This is another wonderful opportunity to get out and do something practical, meet other Planet Purbeck volunteers and enhance our local area for the benefit of people and wildlife.

If you'd like to join this group of Planet Purbeck volunteers please email to sign up.

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