Events: Dorset Council’s Annual Meeting Protest

Calling all Dorset climate activists, campaign groups and concerned citizens

Protest at Dorset Council’s Annual Meeting this year is on Thurs 12th May 6pm (meeting starts) 6.30pm, at County Hall. Join with many other climate action and climate justice groups from across Dorset.

The aim of the event is to send a powerful reminder and message to Dorset Council, and renew awareness amongst the public.

In the past 3 years Dorset Council have:

  1. Failed to join the dots between their climate strategy and action plan, and other Council strategies - finance, planning, pensions, transport to name a few
  2. Made contradictory decisions that undermine their stated commitments (promises) and undo progress (like the recent motion that opens the way for fossil fuel energy production)
  3. Missed opportunities to communicate and engage Dorset residents, Councillors and community groups in achieving the necessary goals (like the Local Plan)


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