Events: Dorset Deserves Better Campaign - Why it matters for Purbeck!

The Local Plan may come across as a dry subject but it is vitally important for our communities.

Thurs July 7th 9:30-10:15am - Zoom Event

Dorset Deserves Better Campaign, why is it so important?

The Local Plan may come across as a dry subject but it is vitally important for our communities. The current draft plan is planned to operate for 17 years and will affect every aspect of housing, infrastructure, business and the environment. If the plan is poor - and we think the current plan is very poor - it will fundamentally affect us all.

The “Dorset Deserves Better” Campaign has been going for almost 5 months and has three main objectives:

  • Reduce the number of expensive houses built on Greenfield and Greenbelt locations but increase the number in Brownfield sites to support local regeneration
  • Increase the proportion of (truly) affordable homes, social homes, self builds, shared ownership and low-rent homes i.e. “Homes for Need not Greed”
  • Reduce the carbon and ecological footprint by building to higher standards with better energy efficiency, more renewable energy and with a lower environmental impact.

The campaign has been very well supported and we now have an alliance of 64 Dorset-based organisations including 23 Town and Parish councils representing 109,160 people (29% of the population).

Dorset Council knows how unpopular the current draft Local Plan is and they are talking to the government about a delay and a change in the conditions. However, they are very secretive about the timing and content of the revised plan and have effectively kicked us into the long grass. This is where support from Planet Purbeck and associated organisations would come in very useful both by further strengthening our numbers and also in helping us to be ready with effective new policies which can be promoted in the Autumn when the next round of consultation starts.

This may not be glamorous but it is essential!

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