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Planet Purbeck Presents: Low Impact Ecotourism

As Purbeck braces itself for another ultra-busy season of staycations, many of us are asking how we can welcome tourists while at the same time protecting our cherished landscape and wildlife?

We want the whole community to create a vision for tourism that better serves all stakeholders from residents and local businesses to the natural world of Purbeck.

Would you'd like to see an improvement in the way tourism is managed in Purbeck? If you're answer is YES, then this is the event for you!

March 16th From 7pm - 8.30pm JOIN HERE

We have a stellar lineup of local, national, and international speakers with knowledge, and experience in low-impact ecotourism and communications. The event will be packed full of energy with each speaker delivering a short and sharp presentation to inspire direct action and change. There will be time for Q&As throughout the evening. 

The Big Picture 
1. Keynote Speaker - Jeremy Sampson
Who: CEO The Travel Foundation and Chair of the Future of Tourism Coalition also a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Destination Stewardship Working Group
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What: The definition of success when it comes to tourism must be reframed. It’s not just about the numbers.

2. Heidi Florence
Who: Founder of Fair Enough business impact consultancy - website coming soon. Previously UK Account Director at marketing agency DAC
What: How to encourage positive behaviors without the guilt trip. 
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3. Peter Johnson
Who: Managing Director of Creature Media and National Geographic Kids
What: Creating powerful impressions and changing social norms.
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Practical Tourism
4. Keesje Crawford-Avis

Who: Owner of Burmieston Farm and the recent winner of the Gold Green Tourism Award
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What: How to run a successful award-winning Ecotourism business

5. Culvin Milmer
Who: Visitor Services Manager & Business Development Officer at Swanage Town Council
What: A future-focused discussion around the practical and tangible things that can be achieved for tourism in Purbeck.  
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6. Colin Morgan
Who: A member of several local conservation and heritage organisations including Swanage Railway
What: Developing sustainable transport infrastructure in Purbeck and the reasons for optimism if we can provide a coherent community supportive voice. 

7. Josey Parish
Who: Owner of Joe's Cafe South Beach
What: Joe's cafe is a champion of reusing with a tried and tested borrow and return scheme. Josey will be sharing tips on how it's done.

Land Use and Tourism
8. Tom Clark
Who: Engagement Officer National Trust
What: How visiting Purbeck for the first time impacted my life & led to behavior change. 
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9. Peter Robertson
Who: Senior Sites Manager RSPB Arne
What: Sustainable Tourism plans for the heaths and a practical call to action for all event attendees.  
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10. Alistair Tuckey
Who: Durlston Pleasure Grounds Project Lead Durlston Country Park
What: Why wildlife needs tourists and why ‘wild’ landscapes aren’t always what’s best for nature.

Closing Thoughts
11. Cllr Chris Tomes
Chair of the Tourism Committee Swanage Town Council

12. Cllr Mike Bonfield
Mayor Swanage Town Council and Chair of the Policy, Finance & Performance Management and Beach Management Advisory Committees.

Virtual Pub/Cafe
Do stick around for our Virtual Pub/Cafe from 8:30 where you'll have a chance to talk informally to all our incredible speakers. This is often where the best conversations happen...

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