Festival Hub Exhibitions - Beaver Believer Family Fun Table - Swanage

26 September 2021
1:00 pm
4:30 pm

At the Mowlem Festival Hub, the National Trust's Beaver Believer display for children and young people will showcase the work we do and provide an opportunity to find out more about the Purbeck beaver project, ask questions and enjoy fun activities.

There will also be a photo board to inspire you about beavers.

For centuries a cornerstone of our wetland ecosystems has been missing.  Now we’re exploring the reintroduction of beavers to Purbeck — 400 years after they were hunted to extinction in Britain.

Eurasian Beavers are native animals; they evolved alongside our other native fauna and flora and until extinction had successfully coexisted in Great Britain since the last ice-age.  We believe bringing back Eurasian beavers at carefully chosen sites could benefit Poole Harbour and the rivers which flow into it, and we’re asking for the support of local communities to make it a reality.

Beavers are ‘ecosystem engineers’ and similar schemes elsewhere in Britain and Europe have shown how their activities can improve both water quality and biodiversity. With recent Environment Agency studies showing that not a single English river meets high ecological and chemical standards, we could do with a helping hand from beavers now more than ever.



No booking is required for this Festival Event.

Contact details

Organiser name:
National Trust Engagement Officer Gen Crisford


Accessible Venue

Location & directions

The Bar Area, The Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage, BH19 1DD.
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