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Announcement - Celebration of Purbeck

We're sooooooo chuffed to announce that we have booked a very special guest & co-host for our Celebration of Purbeck event...

Nadeem Perera

Spend an evening with the charming and effortlessly cool wildlife TV presenter, author, activist and co-founder of the birdwatching collective, Flock Together.

Nadeem is already making a splash on the BBC as the new face of wildlife TV. He’s recently appeared on Springwatch, and David Attenborough’s Wild Isles plus One Zoo Three.. on CBBC.

Nadeem’s greatest success has been his ability to inspire people beyond the traditional white middle class nature groups and reach new diverse and younger audiences! 

He’s now one of the most sought after voices in the Wildlife industry and beyond, so we are very excited to have persuaded him to co-host our event! 🙂

Check out his instagram before the event:


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