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Core Team

Our Core Team is the hub of our decision making and responsible for delivering our strategic plan. Plus encouraging everyone to enthusiastically adopt our vision, mission and values!

We have Core Team Catch Ups which are for anyone who wants to be part of the fortnightly operational and strategic tasks and decisions. They are an open forum so do pop along with your questions and ideas, we are a friendly bunch.

Find details of our catch ups in our event calendar

Contact names: Rob, Dave & Luke

Email address: planetpurbeck@gmail.com

Land Use

Planet Purbeck's Land Use Team is the gateway to focused action, bridging various organisations and attracting a wider audience to nature recovery projects. With muddy hands and smiling faces, we have loads of fun whilst genuinely making a difference. We contribute to nature recovery, promote sustainability, and inspire environmental consciousness. A key focus is the benefits nature recovery delivers to everyday lives.

Contact name: Dave & Luke

Email: landuseplanetpurbeck@gmail.com

Marine & Freshwater Team

Planet Purbeck’s Marine and Freshwater Team is a broad group working to address the many challenges & opportunities around water in the region, through volunteer support and awareness-raising, and influencing campaigns.  This encompasses both the sea and the freshwater aspects.  Some of the current focus areas include addressing the super-trawler challenge around our local seas, protecting the Studland sea-grass area, supporting the beaver re-introduction and improving the water quality and management of local rivers. 

Contact name: Doug & Pete

Email: marinefreshwaterplanetpurbeck@gmail.com

Festival & Events 

Our Festival and Events team are a fun bunch of people who like planning and delivering popular, fun and vibrant community events. We are always looking for more people to join our team, so if you want to make a difference, make new friends and have fun JOIN US!

Contact name: Luke & Helen

Email: planetpurbeckevents@gmail.com


The media team are at the centre of Planet Purbeck. We keep up to date with all the fantastic work going on in our community and our own organisation so it can be amplified and celebrated across our social channels and shared with our mailing list subscribers. We’re always looking for an extra pair of hands, so if you can lend us your video and photography skills, copywriting, website management, social media, PR or graphic design skills please get in touch!

Contact name: Luke & Rob

Email: planetpurbeck@gmail.com

Legal & Finance

We're very lucky to have a legal and finance team who manage Planet Purbeck C.I.C legal and commercial liabilities associated with events such as the Planet Purbeck Festival. More support and expertise are always welcome so if you'd like to get involved or have a query for our legal and finance team get in touch.

Contact name: Steve Hutchings

Email address: planetpurbeck@gmail.com


Planet Purbeck C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company which was established in March 2021.  The company was set up for various reasons but the main ones were (i) to give confidence to donors, sponsors and others (eg Festival participants) that their money would be protected and the business would be run properly; (ii) to create a tangible vehicle around which a brand and a reputation could be built; and (iii) by registering a separate legal entity at Companies House, to protect those involved in running Planet Purbeck from personal liability for the debts and obligations of the company.

Seven Directors were appointed when the company was set up, namely –

  • Greg Bemment
  • Steve Hutchings
  • Luke M Luke
  • Doug Skinner
  • Helen Sumbler
  • Rob Waitt

The Directors have a number of legal responsibilities (including eg the duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence) and to ensure that those responsibilities are discharged, the Directors meet formally several times a year.  At those meetings the Directors discuss a variety of topics, depending on the current issues at the time, but the Agenda always reflects the Directors’ responsibility for the oversight and management of the business. Discussions are often supported by documents submitted in advance with relevant information. Common Agenda items include review and discussion of –

  • The governance of the business
  • The day to day management of the business
  • Financial aspects, including Profit & Loss, Budget, control and oversight, funding income and distribution
  • Employment and Job Descriptions
  • Strategy and Priorities
  • Team activities
  • Festival update
  • Major project updates
  • Policies and procedures

It’s important to emphasise that key operational and strategic decisions are made by Planet Purbeck members in forums such as the weekly Core Team meeting.  The Directors are members of the Core Team but those meetings are also attended by Team Coordinators and are open to anyone else who wants to be part of the weekly operational and strategic tasks and decisions. The Directors and Coordinators have an equal say in the strategic direction of Planet Purbeck, with the Directors focused on governance and the Coordinators focused on operations - both have an equal role in ensuring that Planet Purbeck delivers on its vision, mission and core values. Beyond that the role of the Directors is to ensure that major decisions are kept under periodic review and are consistent with legal, financial and other requirements.” 

Contact name: Steve Hutchings

Email address: planetpurbeck@gmail.com

Some of the organisations we are working with
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