Our Green Journey ,

An easy guide.

By Doug Skinner - Purbeck resident and Greenpeace speaker.

Take a look at this great downloadable resource; it's not just comprehensive list information and resources that we all need to be aware of, but an excellent overview of ways we can contribute to a brighter, cleaner future for all.

Our Green Journey, Front page

A zero-emissions society by 2030 will benefit our physical and mental health, social connections, employment opportunities and will save us money. It will also mean cleaner air and more robust wildlife populations reducing the risk of pandemics. Aiming for 2050 will be too late and more expensive. Change must be driven by Government, but we can all contribute and action groups like; Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth and others helping, keep the discussion relevant, visible and active at a public level.

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