The Latest Team Updates:

Planet Purbeck Youth Group
An environmental voice and action group for young people in Purbeck! This group is run by young people for young people. It’s a place to share your voice, come up with ideas and make real change.
The group will be facilitated by Planet Purbeck, National Trust, Leeson House and Dorset Wellbeing. Experts from each organisation will provide advice and steering, but it is up to the youth to put in the work and make the difference.
If you know someone 12-16 years old who would like to get involved, please email Julia!
Contact: - Julia Galbenu -

Funding Team
The Planet Purbeck fundraising team is kicking off this month. We won’t always need money to make change happen, but it’s probably going to help! If you’d like to get involved in financing the movement and making a difference please do get in touch with Tom. If you have previous experience, that would be amazing!
Contact: - Tom Clarke Funding Team Coordinator -

Media Team
Over the last month, we’ve been promoting our hugely popular open meetings on Biodiversity and Ecotourism, we’ve released a series of short films from the core team on what Planet Purbeck means to them and we’ve been making the front page of local newspapers and websites because of all this activity.
The Media Team has been increasing in size as new members contribute their ideas, skills and personal networks to the group.
If you or your organisation or business is making a positive contribution to the environment in our local area why not let us know about it?
Contact: - Dean Storer and Heidi Florence Media Coordinators -

Legal & Finance
We are a company! Planet Purbeck C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) has been established and can now undertake a number of activities, including entering into binding legal contracts with other companies and businesses, and responding in our own right to consultations such as the Dorset Local Plan, as well as lobbying the Council, MPs, Government etc. in our own name.  We can build a brand, reputation and image around a clearly identifiable legal entity, which can establish its own voice in the environmental/climate crisis community, and with the assurance that the establishment of a registered company brings, we have a more credible proposition for sponsors, donors etc.
What's next?
We can set about opening a company bank account enabling the company to receive funds from sponsors, donors and its own fundraising activities. Work is also in hand on drafting the legal documents that will be required for Supporters of The Planet Purbeck Festival in September, as well as reviewing the requirements of Swanage Town Council.
Contact: - Steve Hutchings and Greg Bemment Legal and Finance Coordinators -

Campaigns Team (formerly known as the lobbying team)
Enormous thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort to create the Planet Purbeck response to the Dorset Local Plan consultation, which was submitted by the deadline; an article based on that response will be available soon on the website. Planet Purbeck members also contributed to a User Friendly Guide for the Dorset Local Plan with Dorset Climate Action Network, which has been well received.  
Two things you can do to help right now:
1. Sign and share THIS PETITION asking Dorset MPs to support the CEE Bill
2. Write to your MP asking them to support the CEE Bill - DETAILS HERE
A member of the team has also written to Richard Drax to ask for his support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill on behalf of Planet Purbeck.
Contact: - Helen Sumbler & Dave Pratten Campaigns Team Coordinators

Land Use Team
We are here to connect and support people living in Purbeck with projects that will make the land better for nature, climate change and people. We want to work with landowners to help them get the message out to the local community about restorative land use happening in our local area.
Two things you can do to help:
1. We plan to initiate a Purbeck hedgerow and linear woodland planting project next season, inviting community participation to bring back native hedgerows and trees to our countryside. We want to see blossom, butterflies, birds and blackberries along public rights of way as well as field boundaries. Let us know if you have any stretches of land that could be incorporated, and we’ll provide funding solutions and volunteers wanting to get their hands dirty.
2. Join Our next meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 12th May. We'll be making plans to visit estates, farmers and small landholders to share best practice and foster collaboration, in advance of ideally opening doors to the public during Planet Purbeck’s Environmental Week in September, to celebrate what is already being achieved.
Contact Alexia Haysom Land Use Team Coordinator -

The Planet Purbeck Festival 20th - 26th Sept 2021
Our enthusiastic team reorganised the Planet Purbeck Festival for the week of 20-26th September 2021. It’s really happening!
Our new strategy for this year is to promote self-managed and self-financed community-led events all over the Isle of Purbeck. Our role will be to coordinate, communicate and publicise all these events.
How can you get involved?
We have organised three key planning meetings, please join us!
1. Festival Planning Meeting
Wed 31st March 7:00- 8.30pm + Bonus Virtual Café/Pub
Join HERE via Zoom.2. Festival Showcase Meeting
Wed 7th April 7:00- 8.30pm + Bonus Virtual Café/Pub  
Join HERE via Zoom.
3. Brainstorming Event
Wed 21st April 7- 8.30pm + Bonus Virtual Café/Pub  
We want to hear your ideas about how we can make this Festival a success for everyone who loves Purbeck. Please encourage everyone you know to attend this event. The more voices we hear the better!
Join HERE via Zoom
Contact: - Doug Skinner Festival Coordinator - 

July 24, 2021
The Planet Purbeck Summer News Update

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March 26, 2021
The Planet Purbeck Spring News Update

A Message From Rob... Yes spring is here and we’re coming out of lockdown!Woooohooooo!Thank you to everyone who's played a role in making Planet Purbeck the movement it is today. My personal highlights are being part of the Planet Purbeck zoom events, watching 150 + people from all areas of our community working together, enjoying […]

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January 13, 2021
The Planet Purbeck Winter News Update

The lockdown has cocooned us at home once more, but we can still make a difference!  Here are two things you can do this month to benefit our local community:1. Respond to Dorset Council's Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy Consultation and utilise our User-Friendly Guide to make it easier. 2. Sign our petition in partnership with Dorset CAN to lobby Dorset Council to […]

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