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Thank you!

Thank you all for your support in making this festival happen! What an uplifting and energising week it was!

We have had so much positive feedback from our community with everyone already saying they are looking forward to next year's festival.


Thank you to everyone who completed the festival feedback survey, here's a summary of the impact the festival had on our local community:

  • 71% of respondents felt inspired to make a positive change due to the festival
  • 63% of respondents felt more connected to the local community
  • 58% of respondents learned something new about protecting our local environment
  • 42% of respondents felt more connected with local nature
  • 35% of respondents tried or discovered something new
  • 70% of survey respondents agreed with the statement: 

'The festival inspired me to make a change to my own behaviour or lifestyle that will positively impact the planet'' 

Of the 30% who disagreed, 28% said no because they are already doing everything they can.

When asked what that behaviour change will be, the most popular responses were:

  • Buy LESS plastic
  • Reuse MORE
  • Shop LOCAL
  • REDUCE consumption
  • Become a VOLUNTEER

Share Your Feedback

It's not too late to share your feedback if you haven't done so already. The survey will remain open until 31st Oct. 

Festival Highlights

We've got lots of amazing photos and video footage that capture the fun we had during the festival. Pause and enjoy some feel-good community spirit in action!

Watch this 60 second reel of our favourite festival moments...

40 seconds of early morning swimming bliss...

Festival - Art Auction

Fundraising Art Auction Raised £3,895
Our Land Use team now has the funds to start some exciting new projects including planting hedgerows near Corfe and an orchard at Whitecliff. A BIG Thank You to everyone who donated work or placed bids at the auction and to Hester Viney for organising the event! Want to get involved? Join our next Land Use team meeting and find out how you can help. The meeting takes place on the last Tuesday of every month, 5-6.30pm on Zoom. Click below for the link or email Alexia Haysom (Land Use Coordinator) for more info.

Thank you Talbot Village Trust

Without the generosity of Talbot Village Trust, the Planet Purbeck festival would still be a dream... In this short clip, Nick explains what the trust does and how they came to provide vital support for Planet Purbeck.

Thank you Talbot Village Trust! 

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