Interested in reducing energy and saving money?

Groups from Purbeck have put together energy saving tips, practical advice and information on financial support.

Tough times present an opportunity for us all to do our bit - reducing waste & being kinder to the planet!

Reduce energy use


  • Turn down the thermostat and save 10% per degree*
  • Consider keeping bedrooms cooler than living areas
  • Line curtains with thermal lining, close them at sunset
  • Put heat reflector foil behind radiators
  • Get thermostatic or smart controls for each radiator
  • Check the boiler temperature and ­flow


  • Programme water to come on for just one or two hours
  • Shower for a shorter time at a lower temperature
  • Only do full loads in the washing machine and run at 30 degrees
  • Turn ‘pre-heat’ o‑ on combi boilers
  • Find out how to adjust boiler temperature and ­flow
  • Install an immersion heater timer switch
  • Put aerators in taps and ­ow restrictors on shower heads
  • Get free water-saving devices from


  • Only fill the kettle with what you need
  • Speed up cooking by putting on saucepan lids
  • Dust the back of the fridge and check the seals on the door
  • Batch cook and use these meals to keep your freezer full
  • Put frozen food in the fridge to defrost to keep your fridge cool
  • Use a microwave, air fryer or steamer instead of your oven
  • Slow cookers use less energy than conventional light bulbs


  • Turn lights off when you leave a room
  • Hang clothes up rather than using a tumble dryer
  • Or use a heated clothes-airer or dehumidifier which cost much less
  • Change to LED as you replace light bulbs
  • Replace old appliances with the most efficient ones you can afford

*Estimated by the Energy Saving Trust

Reduce heat loss

Find draughts and stop them – doors, windows and letterboxes, floorboards, skirting boards. Search: DIY draught proofing

35% of heat escapes through the roof – is your insulation thick enough?

If you don’t have double glazing you can put on secondary glazing insulation ­film for £10 - £20 a window.

Cavity wall insulation can save £395 a year.*

Did you know anyone can get free energy advice and a survey?

Energy performance surveys cost around £75. Find an assessor on­cate

For £120 The Heating Hub provides an energy efficiency review.

Keep yourself warm

  • Layer clothing: thermal base layers, T-shirt, two sweaters, body warmer
  • Fleece-lined slippers up to the ankles can keep you snug
  • Warm yourself from the inside with hot food and a thermos of tea
  • Cuddle up with a water bottle, microwaveable wheat bag or electric blanket
  • Use heat pads, a simple way to keep toastie for up to 14 hours

Grants are available

Anyone in your home under 5, over 65, on benefits or has a health condition? If the property is poorly insulated there may be a grant.

There are grants for homeowners, and for landlords to improve properties for their tenants. 0300 003 7023 01202 612726

* Energy Saving Trust estimate based on a semi-detached house and October 2022 gas prices

Where to find advice

Centre for Sustainable Energy

YouTube Heat Geek, especially ‘11 Easy Ways to Reduce your Energy Bills’  Energy-saving options and quotes from 4 installers­ciency  0800 444 202

Citizens Advice

Energy Advisers and access to grants

Dorset Adviceline  0800 144 8848 10am-4pm weekdays

Energy Line 01929 775500

Local Citizens Advice drop-ins:

Wareham, Mill Lane, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm

Herston Village Hall, first and third Monday of the month, 10am-12pm

Swanage Library, Wednesday 10am-12pm (except first in the month)

Investing in the future

If you do have some money to spare investing in energy-saving measures can make savings.

Solar panels with a battery can halve the electricity imported from the grid.*

Air-to-air heat pumps start around £500.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme gives a £5K grant towards air-source heat pump installation.

* Experience of a Purbeck resident over a year

Secondhand electric vehicles are becoming much more affordable.

A typical saving of 30% - 60% per mile and you’ll get an MOT and full service for under £100.

Some of the organisations we are working with
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