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Residents in Purbeck have until 17th November 2021 to take part in a consultation to reintroduce beavers to England

After around 400 years of extinction in England, in August 2020 a wild population of beavers were officially given permission to remain in the River Otter, Devon. The government has now launched a landmark consultation regarding their wider reintroduction to the country.

The Purbeck Beaver Project is currently working with stakeholders to draw up plans for a phased reintroduction of beavers to Purbeck. The National Trust and other partner organisations will submit responses that incorporate local feedback, but this is a public consultation and individuals are also encouraged to take part. So now it's your opportunity to share your feedback directly with the government!

If you are supportive of beavers and would like a say in the conditions for their reintroduction; if you have concerns that you would like to highlight; or if you would like to comment on how they are managed in the future, now's the time to have your say!

Follow our easy help guide to complete the consultation

A document has been created to help stakeholders for the Purbeck Beaver Project to understand local feedback collected, relating to the government consultation about the future management of beavers in England.

For each question presented in the consultation, general information has been provided, followed by questions you can consider in your answer, and the Purbeck project’s view based on our local consultation and lessons learned throughout the feasibility phase of our work. This has been colour coded for easy understanding.

If you have questions about the consultation or would like to better understand any of the issues that local people have raised during our stakeholder engagement, please do get in touch with

What does Rewilding Britain think?

Rewilding is a crucial tool when it comes to tackling the nature and climate emergency that faces us. Beavers can do much of the rewilding we need completely free of charge in river and wetland environments! Planet Purbeck agrees with Rewilding Britain, it really is a ​‘no-brainer’ that with the right local community support and management strategies in place, beavers should return!

What's so special about beavers?

  • Around 90% of UK wetlands have been lost in just the last 100 years, along with much of the wildlife species they support. Beavers help to restore and maintain these habitats, helping to restore struggling ecosystems in the process.
  • Wetlands also benefit the landscape by increasing the resilience of waterways, helping to mitigate flash flooding and drought by slowing the flow. They trap eroded silt, stripping excess nutrients and naturally purifying water quality. Poole harbour’s habitats are declining as a result of nitrogen and phosphate levels: beavers in Purbeck would help to restore them.
  • Wetlands are one of the best ways to capture carbon. In restoring wetlands, beavers will help us to improve our carbon balance.
  • Beavers could be at the heart of a wilder Purbeck landscape. Something to inspire us and be proud of. Ecotourism opportunities can help to support local businesses as environmental land management schemes develop to support space for nature.
  • By making a success of learning to live alongside beavers again in Purbeck, we can play a vital role in their return to the UK. Respond to the consultation before the 17th Nov 2021.
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